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Mario or Sonic?

Discussion in 'General Nintendo Discussions' started by milksheikh, Jul 1, 2014.


Mario or Sonic

Poll closed Apr 12, 2015.
  1. Mario

  2. Sonic

  1. Arshan

    Arshan (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Towns Folk

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    60 coins
    To be honest I never really liked either one of them, if I grew up in the 1990's I would have probably said sonic, but ever since sega went downhill with their sonic games and removed what made sonic cool and great I felt mario was the better of the two. I don't play mario much, as my only mario games are mario kart DS and new super mario bros, but to see that mario games are still great even today is really why I think mario is the better character.
  2. Chronal

    Chronal Pro Dualies Towns Folk

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    269 coins
    Team Mario all the way baby! Never really been a big fan of the blue guy. The old games haven't really appealed to me as much as old Mario games have, and the new ones... don't really do any favors to the guy. Mario games are always so polished and fun, and it's a disappointment that Sonic lost the charm it seemed to have to people.

    Of course, even if it did still have charm, I've never enjoyed any Sonic games so my opinion probably wouldn't change on this matter either.
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  3. Marie

    Marie The one and only Towns Folk

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    0 coins
    I prefer Mario until sega picks sonic up from the grave they're putting him in, hopefully sonic mania will be as good as everyone says it is ( note: I haven't done any research on sonic mania sooooooooo...)
  4. Leaandro15

    Leaandro15 Pedia Mastermind Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    246 coins
    Honestly who wins more money? Even though I played lots of cool Sonic games and enjoyed them and said they were my favorite which they weren't I'd prefer Mario more because I played his games ever since I was was small and enjoyed them because they were really cool and more better than the Sonic Games also as the years went by more Mario games were being made the graphics kept getting better same with the Sonic games just that I have a special feeling for Mario and what I like about the Mario games is that we can play Online with other people across the world more than Sonic games and I'm not hating or nothing ,but Sega should include more online gameplay if they want to keep their games alive.