How To Take A Screenshot On The Nintendo 3DS

Published on May 19th, 2013 by Gervais D.

Currently, there are no great options in North America and Europe that give the user the ability to take a screenshot on the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo 3DS developers and staff of Nintendo’s press releases have a similar box to the Nitro box that was used to capture screenshots of gameplay on the Nintendo DS console.

What is Nitro box for the Nintendo DS?

Nitro box is the ensata NITRO software emulator that was developed as a Debug Target for development of NITRO applications. The emulator can be used to test .nds ROMs.

The Nitro box connects to a computer to capture images from the Nintendo DS.

Nitro box for Nintendo DS
( Photo of the Nitro box connecting to a computer )

Note : the Nitro box is not available for purchase.

Image source : NDS Emulator.

Alternative Methods To Take A Screenshot on the Nintendo 3DS :

Until Nintendo updates its console’s firmware to include this as part of the system’s features, Nintendo 3DS owners from North America and Europe will be required to use an alternative method for capturing gameplay screenshots from the device.

Alternative Method #1 – Camera

A camera is one of the best ways to capture gameplay on a Nintendo 3DS. It’s not the best solution, however, it works. It can be a digital camera, a camera that is included with a smartphone or tablet, or any good quality camera that you can find.

Alternative Method #2 – Official Nintendo Screen Sharing Web Tool

Currently, the web tool that allows 3DS owners to capture and share screenshots with others is only available in Japan. It is said to work with the system’s Internet web browser for sharing screenshots to Twitter and Tumblr, and selected 3DS games for taking screenshots – Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Tomodachi Collection: New Life.

Update :

Now that Animal Crossing: New Leaf is available in North America (and soon to launch in Europe), Nintendo has launched its Screen Share service for these regions. For more details, please read about Nintendo’s Image Share service.

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