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amiibo hunting is stressful

amiibo life

  1. Nanamine
    Today, my family received their tax return. Usually they buy something for me with the money - I actually got a new monitor last night - but today I wanted to look for some amiibo I don't have. I have all of Wave 1 except for Wii Fit Trainer and all of Wave 2. The only amiibo from Wave 3 I own is Bowser. I have Ike, Sonic and Mega Man pre-ordered at Gamestop.

    So today, we started by going to Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, and finally Wal-Mart even though I knew the latter wouldn't have anything. Everyone employee in all of those stores said "we don't know when we're getting them in" or "they're sold out." It's really annoying that Nintendo won't set a specific release date. People like me, 14 year olds, who have to rely on their family for transportation don't have any chance of getting all of them. Most store clerks will tell you that people line up at the doors in the morning just to go check the amiibo. It's really ridiculous.

    I don't even know what I'm sayin, was just editing the other blog because people can't handle jokes lmao

    everyone that commented look insane huh

Recent Comments

  1. SuperSmashBash123
    amiibo hunting is hard people buy them so much and the good ones like villager cost A LOT seriously 40 dollars and over?!? thats almost how much the game costs! and hes barely in stores same with others like marth and wii fit.
  2. Spinnerweb
    I don't like how their production is limited and amiibos are ugly.
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
      Morth is perfection.
  3. generalmeme72
    I can just imagine how hard that could be. How about a show called Attack on Amiibo?
  4. Megalegacy98
    I misread the title. I thought it said "amiiBO hunting is useful"
  5. codyplays
    i understand completely, all i have is mario sadly.im 13 and i have to rely on my own money for purchases which is all well and good but i can never get anywhere in time to find other ones.when i got my mario amiibo i was wanting link and there was mario pickachu and a bent samus.i asked if they had anymore but instead i got the quickest no i ever heard. obvisously it was walmart. amiiibo hunting is hard. :(
  6. KooleoKun
    are you gonna hunt and attack amibos NOOO!!! why don't attack them NOOO!!......
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
      I hunt amiibo for sport >:)
  7. Magik
    The attachment cant be viewed. . .
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
      I was editing it because people were getting salty
  8. OopaMazo
    Marc sums you up pretty well. :)
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
      dang thought you deleted it, picture wasn't loading lmao
  9. Gecko
    Nanamine and Marc are both great, but I think we could use a little less of this drama crap. Nanamine has already proven that he can't be trusted, so I'm not exactly what type of point he's trying to make. My opinion on it is this: Nanamine, You were only let back on the site recently, so stop stirring the pot and bringing back crud that doesn't need to be dug up.
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
      I'm not stirring anything up, I just find it funny. "Can't be trusted". What am I going to do, send members illegal toys? Nah, I know that sucks.
  10. Alex
    Bit of banter, innit