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Reasons why a person shouldn't use the Shoutbox

Like 100% of the reasons xD

  1. Nanamine
    1. To talk...
    • about their life
    • about how they are feeling (physically, emotionally, shulkally, ect.)
    2. To complain...
    • about their life
    • about other 3dspedia users
    • about anything else on their mind

    3. To post links...
    • leading to a forum or blog they just made
    4. To ask...
    • for playcoins
    • for Club Nintendo codes
    • for eShop codes
    • for other users' emails
    5. To spam...
    • with pictures
    • with emotes
    • with CAPS
    • with nonsensical sequences of letters, numbers, and or symbols

    This is a Nintendo site rofl. Most of the above make it look like the site is run by of bunch of teens that just like drama and throwing their emotions around. Can't deny it Bob, no going back huh

Recent Comments

  1. anthony91728595
    I disagree. I want Club Nintendo & eShop Codes free!
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
  2. Taz705
    lol and yes i agree
  3. paceygym
    >.> That last sentence
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
      I was gonna say something worse but decided not to (cool)
  4. Iridium Winter
    Iridium Winter
    We are a bunch of teens O.o
  5. rawrrie
    Even though that this is a forum dedicated to Nintendo, we're all still humans. So, It's good to get to know new people. ^-^)/ If Nintendo was the only thing that was talked about, it would be er... Awkward. But yeah, >.< I agree with you on the last sentence also :/
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
      Dang you agreed proud of you
  6. OopaMazo
    I agree, 36% of my reasons should be prohibited. That certainly is most. :cool:
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
      u just mad
  7. D4rkDragon
    "about how they are feeling ([...] shulkally, etc.)"
    It's because you're not really feeling the Monado's power when it's Shulk time !

    Other than that, I agree with some of these, however, the last sentence bothers me a bit...
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
      I didn't say it without reason, I know it isn't exactly a nice thing to say but it's true.