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Why does no one post guides to the blog?

Just curious.

  1. Nanamine
    So today I've been recording a 100% guide for Mario Vs. Donkey Kong Tipping Stars and uploading it to my channel (you can find it easily or if you're interested ask me -shameless plugin huh-) but yeah. It's really freaking easy. I know not everyone has a capture card but this is my first guide I've ever made and it's really simple. Beat a world, edit the vid. It ain't rocket science rofl

    Edit: I mean the main site, 3dspedia.com. Not this blog rofl.

Recent Comments

  1. Magik
    Science isn't about why it's about why not!
  2. 3dsatackman
    what is your Chanel?
  3. Spinnerweb
    Because the games that I own and am good at usually don't require a lot of guides. They're not all breed-y, see. I still might work on some :3

    We're starting to have some guides in though. Dexnav. It's probably an indication of stuff to come :sneaky: