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Angel, episode 1

The story of a lone fallen angel; first episode

  1. Tsukubaki
    there once lived an angel, a dark angel, named Sefii. Sefii, after falling from the heavens, left hell to fight on his own and defend the people. after falling from the heavens, sefii was severed of one of his wings, leaving him with only one wing instead of two. however, he had mastered levitation in his time on earth, and thus was still able to soar the skies. he wasn't on anyone's side but his own; he only defended the people to enjoy fighting. Sefii's favorite thing to do was fight. but one day, things were getting weird. Sefii had seen a helicopter flying into an open field and back to city several times in one week. Today he saw it again.

    Sefii: Hmm... what are you guys hiding? I want to find out.

    But beore he could hit the skies to find out, a lone human official stopped him short.

    Adam: Sefii, we need you. Come quick!

    Sefii: What? But I was just going to--

    Adam: Just come. We need your help.

    Sefii sighed.

    Sefii: Fine...

    later, they arrived at a building and went to the 10th floor. a man in a wheelchair sat straight ahead of him in a business suit. Adam went beside him.

    Vaani: Excellent timing. We are in need of your assistance, master Sefii.

    Sefii: Tell me what the heck is going on. I've seen several choppers flying overhead to the field lately. Something's not right here. What the heck are you people hiding?!

    Vaani: Slow down. I'm about to get to that. There is a house in that field, and it doesn't seem to be your typical house. Everyone who has entered it has died so far. All the victims? Apparently they were eaten.

    Sefii: What?! Eaten? But how?!

    Vaani: We're still trying to piece that together. Something is in there. And we need someone who is capable of nuetralizing it.

    Sefii: And let me guess; you want me to go there?

    Vaani: Exactly. You can fly. We can't. You have powers we don't have. So we chose you to go. I have sent a team of people to assist you. They are waiting for you outside the house.

    Sefii: Are you sure that's wise? You'd better leave it all up to me. Plus, I don't need help.

    Vaani: I will not let you go alone.

    Sefii: I once was an angel, now a fallen angel. You think I've never fought before? I have, if that's news to you. I can go alone! Ever since I fell, I've fought alone. Is THAT enough to let me go alone? The people you sent will only die there! And they have way less experience here than me! What you're doing is pure stupidity on your part. If you won't do it, I will send them back myself. Until then, bye.

    Vaani: Wait--

    Sefii had left before Vaani could continue.

    Adam: Can't get anything past him... he's a tough guy, though. Just let him go alone.

    Vaani: But whatever is in there is dangerous. It could kill him!

    Adam: Nah, it won't. He's been fighting alone for years. You honestly think some mindless, human-eating monster could beat him? A human, maybe. But angel face there? Not a chance on earth. Even the most hard-headed human can't beat him. Just trust me. He can do it.

    Vaani: If you say so, Adam... I guess you're right. Well, let's wait for him to report what he finds in that house. Whatever he will find, I'm sure one thing will be a mountain of corpses. But I pray it won't be. Let's just wait and see.

Recent Comments

  1. Earth2543
    an agel named Selfie.... no no no that is not it lol

    nice story by the way