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Angel, episode 2

the story of a fallen angel, episode 2

  1. Tsukubaki
    After arriving back where he was before meeting with Vaani, Sefii levitated high into the sky and used the force to fly to the site where Vaani's team had landed. He spoke to himself while flying there.

    Sefii: I can't believe Vaani is sending another team. He has to be nutts. All of the people he previously sent died. So what makes him think this one will survive? Simply because of me? I can't defend a whole team myself! He really must be crazy if that's what he thinks. I may be a skilled archangel, but even I can't muster that. I need cooperation to do that. Well, I'll just send them back. Seems easy enough to do.

    Just then, he arrived at the site where the house stood. Upon landing, the team Vaani sent saluted.

    John: We're here to help, master Sefii.

    Sefii: Well you'll help yourselves by boarding that chopper and heading home.

    Francis: What?! Excuse us?!

    Sefii: You heard me. Would you rather whatever is in there eat you? It ate all the other teams who tried. Do as I say and leave. NOW.

    Francis: Ugh! Fine... let's go, team...

    The team boarded the helicopter and soon after it took off and was headed for city. Sefii turned to face the house, then pulled out his sword. His sword had a long, golden blade that held magical power. Sefii's grey hair also held special power. A lot of people found that hard to believe. Sefii's long, 60ft grey hair would glow white whenever he fought, and in that state, anything to touch his hair would immediately disintigrate. Anytime that happened, Sefii would levitate, then circle his enemy, his hair wrapping around them, and watch them die. All he has to do for his hair to glow is swing his sword once.

    Sefii: Well, here goes nothing. I've got this.

    Sefii flew towards the house using his levitation, then opened the door and entered the house. Sefii held his sword, ready to strike anything to come his way. But he waited, and nothing happened. Suddenly, the goddess of darkness called out to him.

    Hadette: Hold on, there. You're going to need my help.

    Sefii: Lady Hadette? It's been years.

    Hadette: Unfortunately my dad is too busy at the moment to help you... but he'll be back. But if you die here, you'll have to wait for him to come so he can revive you... but hopefully it won't come to that.

    Sefii: God I would certainly hope not... Hades takes forever to come back after he's been busy! If I die, it will be a disaster! Especially since whatever is here eats people... it'll devour my body!

    Hadette: I can place an indestructible force field around your body to defend it if that happens, so don't worry about that. But only Daddy can revive you... I can't do that. Anyway, I've got an analysis on the thing that's been eating people here. It's not just one huge thing. Instead, it's the fact that this place is zombie-infested. The zombies here are killing people. My next assignment to you is to nuetralize them. Ultimately, though, we need to find out how the virus got here to begin with. Search this house for clues. I'm sure you'll find something to tell you how the zombies got here. In the meantime, I'll go find Daddy. He can give you better intel about the place than I can.

    Sefii: Ok, got it! Do you think I should wait for him? This place is so big, that I could end up wandering in circles and getting nowhere.

    Hadette: Yeah, sure. I'll call him. Oh Daddy!?

    Hades: And how may I help you, Hadette?

    Hadette: Sefii needs your help searching the house for answers.

    Hades: Ah, I see. I can help him with his job. As for you, you need to take my place until I'm done helping him.

    Hadette: But they don't trust me as much as you...

    Hades: If they give you a hard time, tell them Daddy says to get with the program. They'll have it from me if they don't listen to you, so don't worry.

    Hadette: Ok, Daddy. Thank you!

    Hades: My pleasure, darling. And now back to you, dear Sefii. I've got a feeling most of your answers to this issue will be in the lab of this place.

    Sefii: And how do I get to the lab?

    Hades: You'll have to find a way to go underground below this place. I'm afraid digging won't work.

    Sefii: Then how do I get there?

    Hades: You'll have to make your way to the underground path in the house's backyard, then climb the ladder at the end of it. That will bring you to the lab.

    Sefii: Can you help me, lord Hades?

    Hades: Of course I can. I'm on my way.

    Seconds later, Hades appeared to Sefii.

    Hades: Are you ready?

    Sefii: Of course I am. Let's go.

    Then they began to make way to the back door.

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  1. Earth2543
    from a fantasy look a like yo zombies novel!

    thing just got more interesting ill look forward the next one.