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Code of Hades: Day 1

My first online journal entry. Enjoy!

  1. Tsukubaki
    Today really dragged for me. I don't know why. But I guess I'll start by explaining everything that happened today.

    I'll start by explaining the title of my blog. The reason it is called 'Code of Hades' is because it is about the life of my boyfriend and I, and we are a dark couple. We met on www.devildates.com. Soon after meeting on there, I got a job, and rented a home. We then began living together. We may be dark soul mates, but we are perfect for each other. And I know this because I have been with him since I was 16. I am now 20, and he is now 30. Ever since we began living together, we haven't argued. We haven't fought. We can always either agree on something or settle something with no problems at all (very much unlike your typical couple. My parents are in their 60s, much older than both of us, and they still argue sometimes. However, we don't).

    Now back to what happened in my day today. I did not have to work today, so the day really seemed to drag. Especially since my boyfriend did have to work. My sister and her kids left early because she was mad at my boyfriend and I for what happened yesterday. Mad at my boyfriend for scolding her son after the kid asked to play my wii u, and mad at me for just letting it slide. So she decided to leave early this morning. And here's what really dragged: I was bored. Very bored. Another thing was I was waiting for a second email from gamestop, and I didn't get that yet at the time. It got so bad that I ended up choosing to call my boyfriend and complain. Once he answered, he said, "What's wrong, babe?" I said, "I'm very bored. Gamestop hasn't emailed me yet. I don't know what to do." He said, "I know you want Kid Icarus Uprising," he began. "Why don't you play my copy of it?" he finished. I about burst with excitement when he said that. He told me where to look and I thanked him. Then he said he had to get back to work and told me to enjoy myself. And I did. I really did. The controls weren't as bad as I thought they may be. I really had fun, but things still dragged a bit. I still hadn't gotten the email from gamestop. But while I was playing uprising, I nearly forgot about the email (as you see it was loads of fun for me..!). I had so much fun I didn't look at my email until I realized I had forgotten all about it. And when I looked, it was there! If you wonder what the email was supposed to be about, I sent an email to hold uprising to pick up at a nearby store. And the results were good! they are now holding a copy for me that I will pick up on my way back from work tomorrow. can't wait!