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Angel, episode 3

episode 3 of Angel

  1. Tsukubaki
    After fighting zombies through a series of hallways and rooms, they arrived at the back door to try the door.

    Hades: Hate to tell it to you, angel face, but be prepared because this door might be locked too.

    Sefii: Oh god... I hope not. It was enough trouble just trying to get here! Not that I haven't done this before.

    Sefii tried the door, but it appeared to be locked.

    Sefii: What?! You're kidding! After we got all the way here! Now what do we do? Where do we even start to look for a key?

    Hades: I've got a better idea.

    Sefii: Like what? What else is going to work here?

    Hades: Your hair--it disintegrates anything that touches it when it glows.

    Sefii: You mean... we can burn the door with my hair? But it only glows when I attack something. And there's nothing here to attack.

    Hades: Use your sword and attack the wall.

    Sefii obeyed, and his hair glowed white--a blinding white that made Hades cover his eyes. Rising into the air, Sefii swung his 60ft hair using a jerk of his head, leaving it where the door was. The door disintegrated in seconds, leaving an open entrance.

    Hades: See? Who needs keys with your magic hair?

    Sefii: Pff... the only thing magic about it is that it burns things when it glows like this. It can't heal or anything else. However, there is one other thing. It has the power to grant wishes. But that's all it can do.

    Hades: See? It is magical! What did--

    A loud shriek interrupted him. They both paused in silence.

    Young woman's voice: Help me!!

    Hades: Oh no! That's..!

    Sefii: Is that the goddess Hadette screaming?!

    Hades: That is my daughter's voice! I have to go help her!

    Sefii: But you won't go alone. I'll help you to her.

    Hades: Ok, but... we need to get to her fast. Or she'll be killed. I will be crushed if I lose my daughter...

    Sefii: Can't you revive her?

    Hades: I could, but it would nearly drain me of strength, and I would be unable to fight for days...

    Sefii: Huh? But... that doesn't happen when you try to revive me...

    Hades: That's because you're not a god. She is. It takes extreme amounts of energy for me to revive a god... and days for me to recover. If I were to revive her, I wouldn't have enough energy to revive you for a while. Days, even. I'll send her a message telling her to leave the house. Hang on...

    The design on Hades' chest began to glow a brilliant red. This was an indication he was using his powers. He called out to Hadette.

    Hades: Hadette, listen to me very carefully. I need you to leave the house right now.

    Hadette's voice: I can't!

    Hades: What?! Why?!

    Hadette's voice: Because I'm lost! I tried to find the way to the back door to meet up with you Daddy, but I got lost and this plant monster thing bit off my right arm! I escaped, and locked myself in a bedroom, but I'm in a lot of pain. So much pain that I just can't move anymore.... please help me, Daddy...

    Hades: Of course, but where is this plant monster thing you're talking about? I'll have Sefii kill it. Sefii has super speed and it won't be able to keep up with him.

    Hadette's voice: It's just past the dining room. The next room past the dining room. I barely escaped. You'll HAVE to kill it. Don't try what I did.

    Hades: Stay in that room. We'll nuetralize the monster and make our way to you.

    Hadette's voice: Ok, Daddy. I know you two can do it. You both fight better than me.

    Hades: We're on it.

    Hades turned his attention to Sefii.

    Hades: She's safe, but we're still on the case.

    Sefii: Why?

    Hades: She said there was a plant-like monster that hurt her. And it hurt her bad.

    Sefii: Will she last until we get to her, and kill the monster?

    Hades: I hope... but let's get going instead of wasting time. I think I know just the way to go. Follow me. And let's watch for monsters on the way.

    To Be Continued