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Animal Crossing: The Village

"Every town has a dark secret...."

  1. Jeff The Killer
    It was a cool fall morning when Liu had gotten a knock on his front door abruptly waking him from his sleep. He laid in his large black and white checkerboard bed waiting to see if he had dreamt the sound.


    Nope, he wasn't dreaming it...though he wished he had been for he was exhausted. His twin sister Annie-Mae, who happen to the be mayor had him running around doing errands and not to mention she had him weed duty! All yesterday he was pulling weeds and his back ached!


    Liu slowly dragged himself out of his bed and out of his bedroom, he rubbed his eyes sleepily as he shuffled down the stairs and towards the door.


    "One second...hold on..." he yawned as he unlocked his door only to have it swing inward sending him and his guest to the floor!

    "Took ya forever, geez you're worst than a bear that has been hibernating for the whole winter, silly."

    Liu looked up his, eyes widen slightly when he realized Rosie had fallen on top of him. Quickly but gently he pushed her off helping her stand once he was standing himself.

    "Uh...Rosie, I hate to sound rude but what's with all the commotion this morning?" Liu asked fighting the urge to yawn.

    Rosie purrs happily and flicks her tail playfully "Remember the old letters that we were found in the bottles that day?"

    Liu nods slightly confused as to were exactly the she-cat was going with this.

    "Well Mott and Wolfgang took them to Blathers last week and guess what, silly!"


    "They're actually all pieces to a map! Wolfgang asked what the map lead to, but the old owl was scared, he said that Blathers went silent and he shook out his feathers quickly changing the topic before ushering them both out!"

    Liu looked iffy but hearing how the owl reacted made him feel excited as if there was a dark secret that no one was wanting him to find out about.

    This excited him more, he felt more awake now hearing Rosie's story. "What else Rose?" He prompted

    "That's just it, he,wouldn't say anything, so Mott and Wolfgang did some research, and what they found was super scary! They told me to tell you to meet them tonight at The Roost."

    Liu smiled "What do you think it leads to?"

    Rosie turned to leave the house "Who knows, but I hope it's somewhere with tons of sweets and lemonade, silly!"

    The two waved goodbye, and as Liu watched his friend walk away he couldn't help but wonder what secrets the map held.