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Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger review

game review

  1. TribstyAnn
    I really liked Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. In my opinion it was a big jump in the right direction from the first one. I can't believe that some people are ripping it for not adding enough gameplay features to make it a good sequel.
    I really like the mix of tower defense and actual fighting. I think the combination of scruffle picking, mining, and building defenses is a good blend and has just the right amount of complexity. The Camera angle when fighting the grocks are not the best and sometimes you think you have beaten all the grocks in a squad but you haven't because the camera angles didn't allow you to see them. While this is a little frustrating it didn't really annoy me too much and I was still able to play the game. The addition of having helpers that help you in battle and on the map was a great addition. Their path finding AI left much to be desired, but overall they were still a big help and always worth the money. Now added is the ability to go outside after the battle which has no real addition other than observing the land and for fun. Also you can walk around that bar inside that town and talk to other people in a 3d stress free environment that you couldn't do in the first game. While this has no real addition to the gameplay from the first game it is refreshing and kind of fun.
    The graphics were really good. I liked how the got everything to be very smooth and not choppy. It was a big jump up from the first game, and I really like the new 3d story clips. The 3d model of Russ was annoying to me, because he always has a stupid smile and never closes his mouth, but that really isn't a fault of the graphic quality.
    This game for me was really fun to play. I loved all the major and minor additions from the first game and it makes it an adventure to explore the game.
    In my mind it has a much better story, with other people interacting with Dillon. I love the addition of side quests and what they add to the depth of the story. It really roped me in and is way more in depth than the first game.

    Score: 8.5/10
    Let me now your opinions about this game.

    I Hope you enjoyed my review and hopefully it will help you decide what you want to get for your club Nintendo rewards. I also have this same review in the 3ds games forum and I plan to do more if you would like. :)

Recent Comments

  1. SmashChamp
    It's..... nice review, and you made we wanna buy it.
    1. TribstyAnn
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks. If you do I hoe you enjoy it. To me it was definitely worth the $11. I haven't even quite finished it yet. :)
  2. regis3322
    nice review
    1. TribstyAnn
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks. :)