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Proffesor Layton and the Unwound Future Review

Game Review

  1. TribstyAnn
    I love puzzle games and this one in my opinion was a great game.

    There is a lot of puzzles and exploration in the game but that is about it for different types of gameplay. There are three different minigames that I also enjoyed. After a while the puzzles get kind of monotonous but there are many different types of puzzles that kept my interest. I found the puzzles difficult and challenging in a good way, like a game that is very fun and is still a videogame (not an educational game.) but that I was still intellectually stimulated.
    I can't say to much without giving the story away, but the story was very well thought out, very in depth, very intriguing , and kept me wanting more and more of the game. It was well made and well written.
    Graphics and Sound
    The voice acting was good but pretty sparse. It felt much more real when the voices were acted out and I felt that there should have been more of it. The graphics were good with no real complaints, but during some of the scenes were there was only talking boxes on the bottom it seemed like there should have been more animation than just talking.

    Score 9.5/10
    Let me know what you think about this game in the comments. :)