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Pokemon Suffle Game Review

Game Review

  1. TribstyAnn
    You can't really go wrong with a free game but here is my review anyways.
    I like puzzle games and I thought this was an interesting way to do it instead of moving columns and rows you can swap any Pokémon on the board. I like how you didn't need to clear the board or anything but each match is connected to an attack by the corresponding Pokémon.
    The graphics were nice with nothing really to complain about. It does bug me though when sometimes I have Pokémon of the same color and I can hardly tell them apart. (I'm slightly colorblind.)
    Pay to Play
    It really annoyed me that you could only charge up to five hearts and they took half an hour to recharge. I sure as heck not going to buy more hearts for real world money when they're just going to be gone in a snap.
    It is a pretty good game especially since it is free, but it really annoyed me that you could barely play unless you paid.
    Score: 6/10
    I would still recommend this game because you can get it for free.

Recent Comments

  1. doctorwho1243
    This game is really fun and Challenging I'm up to level 165
  2. Earth2543
    good reveiw im agree with you IAP often ruin a game
    1. TribstyAnn
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks. :) I'm sure I would totally agree with you except I don't know what IAP means.
  3. NIN10
    I'd give it 7 cuz it gives u breaks :3, but hey, still a good review
    1. TribstyAnn
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks. :) I realize other people won't have the same opinion as m and I totally welcome that.
  4. Spinnerweb
    Nice review.
    1. TribstyAnn
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks :)
  5. TheSpiritedWarrior
    Good review but it is free. They just want you to just pick and play type of game, a quickie. Plus it is free, right? 9/10 is my rating. Good review though, liked it.
    1. TribstyAnn
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks. :) I like to do reviews on smaller games. I rated it less because it wasn't that great of a game even though it was free. I still enjoy it but I hate the pay to play type stuff. You don't have to pay to play but it is still kind of annoying. Thanks for your comment.