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HarmoKnight Game Review

Game Review

  1. TribstyAnn
    I've wanted this game for a while and finally got it from Club Nintendo. Keep in mind that I am a big music fan.

    I enjoyed the gameplay mechanic of just using two buttons to play the game, but after a while it got very repetitive. There is a little spice when you get to play as other characters with other abilities but that happens very little. I felt like the boss battle were very weenie and most of the time even easier than the normal levels. This kind of threw me off a bit but overall the mechanics might have been a little repetitive but they worked very well and the controls were pretty smooth.
    The games music was fun and enjoyable and was different for every level. I never felt like the music got annoying.
    The story left a little to be desired. I was good but happened so fast you couldn't absorb it. I felt like it was too rushed to make any lasting impact.
    The graphics were good and smooth. There was nothing about the graphics I didn't like except that I thought tempo was ugly. I very much enjoy the movie and story clips. Both were done very well.

    Score: 6.5/10
    Let me know if you agree with my review and what you thought about the game were in the comments below.

    Let me know if you want more game reviews. Hopefully this helps you decide what rewards you want to get from Club Nintendo. I plan to do more reviews in the future. You can also find this review in the 3DS games forum. Hope you liked my review.

Recent Comments

  1. codyplays
    i heard this game was made by gamefreak and i picked it up on club nintendo to be honest i was pleasently surprised by it
    1. TribstyAnn
      Blogger's Response
      Well I'm glad you liked it. :)