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Fantasy Life - DLC

Should you get it or not?

  1. SunnyWindy
    Many questions rise regarding the Fantasy Life DLC. Is it worth it? How much content do you get with this DLC? How much does it enhance your gameplay?

    Before answering these questions, you need to know that once you get the DLC, you won't be able to play with players who don't own the DLC. There is a work around but it requires you to create another character, which isn't always worth it. So if playing with your friends is important for you and they don't want to get the DLC, you might want to refrain doing so.


    The DLC is mostly post-game content, however, some of its features can be accessed right from the start, such as more customization options at your character creation. It can double the amount of options for some parts.

    So here's a quick list of what can be accessed from the start (or early on) and what can be accessed post-game.

    More character customization
    Friendship System (Friendship allows you to have better allies)
    Bird pets

    Post story:
    A whole new part of the story with a new area called Origin Island
    New materials, gear and more recipes for your classes
    God rank in classes, which after allows you to have your Master as an ally
    New homes and more furniture
    Lunares coins currency and special items you can get from them (even new mounts, or items that allow you to change your appearance and stats at will, for free!)
    Maximum level increased from 99 to 200
    Level cap for the skills increased from 15 to 20
    Stats cap increased from 50 to 100
    Dragon pets

    So in short, if you plan on buying the DLC, you don't have to wait until you completed the main story, you can get it even before starting your game and already take advantage of new features.

    If you think you have enough content already, don't bother with the DLC, it might double your content but if you don't care about the game past the main story, it's not really for you.

    I hope I helped some of you!

Recent Comments

  1. Derplink_:3
    I think I'll spend my money on this DLC (when I get the game :D)
  2. kodex
    if only i had the money 2 get the dlc
  3. Lamont
    Thank you for writing this very informative blog.
  4. Kiki
    This is really useful sunny! I'm glad you made it! It clear up a lot of things I've heard - I thought there was no online play at all unless you had the DLC but I see that's not how it is. It's also nice to know most of it's content comes post-game. If I get FL I will have no issue waiting before picking up the DLC! :D
    1. SunnyWindy
      Blogger's Response
      Nope! If you don't mind the extra customization (you can change your appearance later in the game anyway) and don't mind to raide your friendship later as well, there is no issue to wait ^^
  5. Alex
    Though I can't play with Icemario, I don't regret buying it. Soo much stufff.