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Fantasy Life

What is it, really?

  1. SunnyWindy
    Many questions have risen regarding Fantasy Life. What is it really, is it like this game, or that game, should you buy it?


    I'm hoping to help you a bit with the little blog entry. I'm around only 35 hours in the game, but can answer many of your answers or concerns already. I've been reading a lot about this game for the past year as I was expecting it, a lot.

    First of, to which game could you compare it? The answer is, to many, many games.

    Many compared it to Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. Well, not really. Sure, like in Animal Crossing you can decorate your home, but that's pretty much the only thing you can compare it to. And to compare it to Harvest Moon wouldn't really be accurate either. Rune Factory 4 would be much, much closer, if you take out the farming aspect and the relationship system; you can't get married in Fantasy Life.


    Is it really a life sim? No, not really.

    Fantasy Life is more of a light hearted RPG, but with much more deep you would expect of it. There is no turn based combat, it's all action combat. The crafting system is deep enough, you can be self sufficient fast enough. You can switch your class (called Life in the game) almost anytime you want, and you keep your skills when you do so, which allow you to craft weapons while you are a wizard, for instance.

    So, to which game could you compare it? Probably a mix between a Zelda game and Rune Factory, with a touch of Final Fantasy, and if you think that decorating your home is really important, add an Animal Crossing twist, JUST for the home part.


    If you guys are interested, I can write deeper blog posts about the game, its classes, mechanics and whatnot. If you have any question, please feel free to ask.

Recent Comments

  1. Icemario
    Excellent summary of what this game is, but in your response to @Marc, you missed a couple of things relating to his first question:

    Not major, but the Tailor life actually has two timing mini games and one of the other two (don't remember which).

    While the Magician has a selection of elemental attacks (water/ice, earth, air, fire; it's practically the Avatar Life), the Hunter has a selection of potential secondary effects (stun, poison, sleep). It's not nearly as cool and I still prefer Magicians, but I thought I should point that out as well.

    And finally, you didn't point out how you keep all the skills you learn in previous Lives (so you could wield a wand as a Blacksmith if you got the skill to in the Magician Life). You can also do challenges (quests that help you raise your rank in each Life) that don't require you to be that Life as another, then switch back to it and talk to your master to finish it. It works pretty effectively.
    1. SunnyWindy
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks for adding more information, it is really appreciated! Yup, I missed many stuff, I think writing many little blog posts about specific parts of the game would be more effective and clear. This way I wouldn't forget important things like you pointed out!
  2. ParodyMaster6
    Wow, I'm going to have to pick this game up! It looks great!
    1. SunnyWindy
      Blogger's Response
      It is really great, I love it so far. Don't hesitate if you have questions or if you would like me to do more blog posts regarding other aspects of the game!
  3. Marc
    Thanks for writing this up. I have some questions :

    1. When switching through lives, how does it work exactly? Does the gameplay feel repetitive?
    2. How large is the map for playing solo?
    3. How much content is available for your house compared to New Leaf?
    4. Can you connect with randoms over Wi-Fi without adding their friend code to play? And is it possible to match up with people who are the same level as you while playing the multiplayer portion of the game?
    1. SunnyWindy
      Blogger's Response
      1. Some lives are really similar. You can break down by Gathering, Crafting and Combat. All the crafting lives have the same mini games (one involving mashing, one press and the other one timing). In combat they are pretty similar too, 2 range and 2 melee, but the wizard is a bit more unique as you can choose your elements when you attack. For the gathering, Mining and Woodcutting are pretty much the same, but fishing is different. But the 3 categories are really different from each other (gathering crafting and fighting).

      2. The map is really large, it really surprised me. I'd say that by walk it can take around 10-15 minutes to walk between cities, and I'm not done discovered it yet after 35 hours of gameplay.

      3. There is way much more content in ACNL I'd say from what I've seen, but I didn't reach the DLC crafting content yet, so this might change, but I wouldn't think there would be more content in FL as it is not the main point of the game.

      4. There is no random matchmaking sadly, it would be awesome to have it though, so this answer your second question at the same time, as there is none =(