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monochrome academy background story second part

rp story

  1. Shippo
    1650 AD shirou and akira kiseki are born November 15th-16th. the kiseki pure blood is a proud and noble. shirou and akira parents work for years trying to gain trust and peace between human, anthros, and vampires. their plan was to hide the evidents that anthros and vampires ever existed. kiseki also planed for a school started by a generation that has no knowledge or hate for any group.
    in 1820 AD on the eve of the school founding a group of vampire hunter killed shirou and akira parents as they fought valiantly to save there children. shirou and akira ran away to never return to their home. shirou and akira remember what their parents try to teach them. as they travel their own path. in 1924 AD they found monochrome academy. tired of travelling they join as students and later researchers.
    monochrome academy main focus since the deaths of kiseki elders is to hide the existents of vampires and anthros but at the same time give a place where they live together. so that at some point maybe they could grant kiseki elders last wish, a place where their children kiseki twins can live without fear. 100 years have pass. new policy in monochrome academy and the city around the school help hide vampires and allow them to feed without fear. one such policies is blood banks give blood that is about to expire for human use to vampires for free. second policy is that any rouge vampire caught hunting humans or even anthros is to be killed. akira and shirou kiseke are but in-charge to do this and use their judgement.