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signatures and avatar talk

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  1. Shippo
    ok my biggest complaint about being a gfx artist is that people dont wear a piece i made long enough or dont wear it at all. it may not seem a big deal but it is. i am not saying wear it forever or a year. but you should wear a piece for a couple weeks or at the very least a week at least.
    i spend anywhere between 4hrs and 3 days making stuff. having clients were my pieces longer encourages me to improve more and make more pieces for clients. this isnt walmart i have a right to not except your request at any given time.

Recent Comments

  1. CrazyElf
    @SunnyWindy has the same problem. Anyway, I'm no GFX artist myself, but I can tell that this is painful/annoying to you. Your work should be appreciated.

    Also, I'll return to my older avatar made by you earlier, once the holidays end.
    1. Shippo
      Blogger's Response
      crazy when i return i make you a new one and i wasnt worried about you i mention this cause of sunnywindy
  2. paceygym
    I'm not really a gfx person but I know how you feel *cough* mikaya *cough*
    1. Shippo
      Blogger's Response
      mikaya does sometime normally not normaly with signature and avi
  3. Ichimaru
    true,you have a lot of requests and a lot of people know you on this community for being a gfx artist,people have different personalities and they surprise you sometimes.If I was a gfx artist I would expect it but its good you posted this there to tell your requesters that you spend a lot of time on your art and they should a least be thankful to have it as their avi or sig.
    1. Shippo
      Blogger's Response
      i wasnt the only artist to be upset with the way people act. a good friend made 3 sigs for for 3 people and they never bothered to wear it on this site