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monochrome academy background story

rp story

  1. Shippo
    so i figure i make a back ground story of monochrome academy universe. at the end it would include a breif story of why and how shirou and akira are at the academy

    Over a 1000 years ago, vampire pure bloods rule the known world humans were often killed for sport and food. anthros were use to guard the vampires at night. 800 years ago, the humans revolted against the vampire and anthros that chose the vampires. they killed huge numbers of pure bloods vampire and anthros. with pure bloods vampire at low the anthros left them no longer believing they were as great power they once were.
    at this times vampire pure bloods began to experiment with turning humans into a lower form of a vampire or half-blood. 200 years later it wasn't uncommon to to find half blood. half blood had one problem unlike pure bloods and humans they couldn't breed or turn others into vampires. vampires went into hiding as the humans took control of the world . humans were creating groups of people to hunt them (known as vampire hunter knight and later just vampire hunters).

    i write more later it a bit long process for me

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  1. paceygym
    Okay makes sense