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my dad house was broken into

thief should burn

  1. Shippo
    some where between 12am and 4 my dad's house aka where i live was broken into. everyone ok. only thing taken was my step mom purses and backpack.they broke the kitchen window to get in. i heard it but didn't know what it was. i am glad i didn't go out to check. you never know what they are carrying

Recent Comments

  1. AricAttack
    You should afford security cameras
  2. 3dsatackman
    that is terrible :(
  3. Derp
    That must have been very scary! That is true that you never know what they could be carrying. Glad to see you and every one else safe and sound.
    1. Shippo
      Blogger's Response
      not really scary to me. just tired of the cops being stupid here. they could warn people of break ins and put a cop car on watch but no that be a requirement for them to do there job
  4. skinick25
    Oh man, that would be scary! I'm glad you are all ok though!
  5. dominiquet
    i am so sorry are you okay
    1. Shippo
      Blogger's Response
      i am ok . no one was hurt and my dad cancel all the credit cards
  6. NIN10
    Glad everyone's ok, nothing really that important was taken, good thing u didn't check
  7. Magik
    I'm really sorry to hear that, that was probably good not to go near them.
    (Ps I gave this a one star because it was a bad event, not bad article)
    1. Shippo
      Blogger's Response
      well that and the state i live in has a habit of protecting the criminal over the victim. even if i did do something likely he sue and win here