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This proves that amiibo are too addicting

man idek what to put on these so idc anymore

  1. Nanamine
    After last nights GameStop debacle I decided to move on and hunt for the New 3DS/amiibo today.

    The first store I went in was Target, as soon as their doors opened. However, there were 3 people in front of me. They bought all 3 of the Zelda New 3DS' that Target had. Sigh.

    Then I waited for about an hour, and at 9:20 I went to Toys R Us and waited by the door for them to open (I have previous knowledge of people waiting in line there, so I figured I may as well go ahead and reserve myself a spot. It was 10 degrees, maybe less) so that I could hopefully get in, get a Zelda edition New 3DS, maybe some amiibo, then get home. Well, sadly, they didn't have the New 3DS in. BUT I did get King Dedede, Sonic, and Mega Man there. One of the people that I waited in line with tried to buy Dedede off of me for $30, but I rejected his offer. Felt kinda bad because all the people I waited with (there were around 7 with me by the time the doors opened) were from r/amiibo and were really nice. But anyways.

    I then went to GameStop hoping for a Shulk amiibo, which I was able to order. That comes out in May. Sheesh. My grandma also surprised me by getting me MM3D and the Collector's Edition Guide there as well.

    So, at that point I had pretty much given up hope for the Zelda edition 3DS. We went to another Target, which sadly had nothing (this one said they only got two in).

    Then I went to Best Buy. It was the last store I planned on going in so I decided to just get the red New 3DS, which thankfully I was able to do. I also found a Toon Link amiibo, and I went ahead and got Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate because they were having a deal where if you buy it you get a $10 gift card (I also have a Gamer's Club Unlocked Membership which gets youu 20% off of games and toy-to-life figures. $22 for MH4U!)

    After that I decided to go ahead and go in GameStop and pre-ordered Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

    all I know is I'm too tired to even do anything rn, just made a haul video lmao

Recent Comments

  1. Heart
    not bad
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
  2. SmashChamp
    Nice, I've got a pretty good collection of Amiibos myself. And I have Marth, Bowser, and Diddy Kong and a bundle of others.
  3. Alpha Harry
    Alpha Harry
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
      I check /r/amiibo quite often.
  4. ToxicWolf1132
    Jeez, you're loaded XD
    1. Nanamine
  5. spagooti
    xD Toys R US?
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
      Toys R Us is probably the best place to get amiibo.
  6. GerudoWarrior
    i wish i had enough Money to buy so much in one day. Sounds fun :)