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When People Get Your Order Wrong

It's annoying.

  1. Nanamine
    I've never really liked posting on blogs before but I just woke up and I'm salty.

    My family decided that'd we get Sheetz for dinner. If you don't know what Sheetz is, it's a gas station with really good fast food. Every time we get food from there (we get it usually once a month) I get the exact same thing. I usually go just because I like spending as much time with my brother, but this time I was actually asleep when they went to get it. My mom came in my room and woke me up to ask me what I wanted so I told her and went back to bed. About 20 minutes later my sister came back and kept apologizing until I unwrapped my meal.

    She didn't get any of it right .-. I asked for an egg sausage cheese muffin, and she got me some weird sub. It's funny because the only two times I haven't gone with them to order it, they get it wrong.

    My sister went back to Sheetz to get what I wanted because she's really nice, but you know. Do you ever get really annoyed when people mess up your orders?

Recent Comments

  1. Jeff The Killer
    Jeff The Killer
    Well for me...usually when I find something on the menu I like I order it and whenever my family and I visit the restaurant again they always seem to stop selling that particular item 0__0
  2. KooleoKun
    at mcdonalds when my sister gets hot chocolate there is whipped cream on the top and lke 3 times when my sister ask's this girl for it we saw her at mcdonalds like 3 times the girl never puts whip cream on the hot chocolate so my sis yelled at her because she said she was lazy...
  3. Slayerpon Tatsu
    Slayerpon Tatsu
    I order liguini with some sauce on it at Ocharlies and they brought me a bacon burger -_-
  4. love
    I know and I'm so sorry about that:(
  5. Slowpoke
    Hehe my dad wanted wine leafs in a greek resturant once.
    He ended up getting wine snails XD
  6. ThyNameIsLast
    I went to mcdonalds once, and they did NOT put any chicken nuggets in my 10 pc. nugget!!! >:(
  7. MasterofBasics
    man thats tough to deal with
  8. codyplays
    ik mcdonalds need to start giving employees classes on getting orders right ,im serious
  9. Heart
    Ikr it's so tough to deal with having food to eat
    1. Nanamine