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Last game you bought?

Discussion in 'PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile, PC Gaming' started by Mikaya, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Farhaan Raja

    Farhaan Raja Pedia Mastermind Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    167 coins
    Megaman Legacy Collection. I wanted a way to play all the classic games on my 3ds at a low cost.
    There was a sale going on and i got it for £6.
    To give you perspective, there are 6 megaman games on the nes included in the collection.
    Each one individually costs £4.50
    Do the math.
  2. Theresia

    Theresia Hee-roine Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    65 coins
    Got Dungeon Travelers 2 for PSVita yesterday, for 10 euros! :greedy:
    I tried it for about half an hour, despite being definitely a full-of-fanservice title, the dungeon design seems to be interesting, only progressing further can tell.
  3. xxDriftingAway

    xxDriftingAway I'm Not A Pikachu Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    22 coins
    I think it was the Sims 4 or one of the Stuff Packs. I can't remember. For the PC that's the only place I will ever play the sims.
  4. Starry Windy

    Starry Windy Curious as always. The Resident Victini

    Play Coins:
    146 coins
    In a few days ago, I bought two "Learn Japanese To Survive" games. Both of them happened to be on discount thanks to Steam Summer Sales, so it's quite a deal.
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  5. Mikaya

    Mikaya <コ:彡 Forum Management

    Play Coins:
    2,523 coins
    Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Stardust Accelerator (DS). I saw it in a local shop the other day and I just had to pick it up! Haven't played any titles in the series for years, and I enjoyed the 5D's anime, wanted to get back into dueling so it was a perfect purchase. The story seems pretty interesting, although it's been a while since I've seen the anime, so it's a fresh new experience for me. xd
  6. Samster123

    Samster123 Kittens will rule the world.... Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    152 coins
    The last game I bought was in August when I got Miitopia. And for anyone who hasn't played it before, It is AWESOME. Hands down, one of the best Mii games I have ever played. (The other being Tomodachi Life.) Actualy, that wasn't the last game I bought. I got a different game right after I got Miitopia. And that game was Hey! Pikmin. Hey! Pikmin is pretty fun, although I would recommend Miiyopia more!
  7. Starry Windy

    Starry Windy Curious as always. The Resident Victini

    Play Coins:
    146 coins
    I've bought Pure Chess for my laptop today. I already enjoyed playing it on my 3DS, so I think my laptop should have it too.
  8. eeveeruleslol

    eeveeruleslol i feel like no one gets me

    Play Coins:
    28 coins
    super mario odessey
  9. Mikaya

    Mikaya <コ:彡 Forum Management

    Play Coins:
    2,523 coins
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour (DS) - Yep, spotted yet another game in this series and I wasn't gonna just leave it! xd

    It's based on the first anime series, Which is my favourite! The battling layout/system is impressive, and the graphics are much better compared to some titles. It's not free roaming (RPG style) but the speech/cutscenes are good enough. It's supposedly meant to be 3D-ish. Not bad for a DS game, though!
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  10. Marc

    Marc Chocolate milk :3 Forum Management

    Play Coins:
    2,176 coins
    Loved this game and I've actually played it over and over again :D
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  11. dani20

    dani20 Nintendo 3DS Addict Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    23 coins
    Last game I bought was Super Mario Odyssey and I really enjoy it - was even better than I expected. I own only Nintendo consoles, so no other console games for me :)
    Last PC game I bought was Mass Effect Andromeda - quite a good game, too.
  12. Bosak

    Bosak unoriginal depression

    Play Coins:
    27 coins
    Is this necro-ing? Last response was 10 days ago, I hope not... I personally have been damn near toe to head immersed in Siege, and I am L O V I N G it. I tried sniping some in BF1, but CQB is more my thing; Siege is packed full of medium to short range firefight engagements. (Kind of ironic since I have an L96 in airsoft which is a weather-adapted sniper. Huh.) One operator I did main and still switch into is SPETSNAZ's Timur "Glaz" Glazkov, the only operator who has access to a shortened sniper rifle. Also a thermal flip sight. But overall I stick to carbine-focused ops. Ok, nice, I wrote a whole paragraph on R6. It's a lot of fun though. Is it mindless fun based solely on reflexes and thinking half a step ahead? Yep. Is it fun nonetheless? Absolutely.

    *Achievement unlocked! Necromancer (reply to a dead post)*
  13. SkyHuntress

    SkyHuntress Code to learn, don't learn to code. Forum Moderator

    Play Coins:
    1,056 coins
    This isn't classed as a dead post btw :p It's more for posts that haven't had any response in like months or whatever.
    R6S is really fun though, I've been playing it a lot more recently since a couple of my friends brought it while it was on sale for cheap over the free weekend. R6S is MUCH more fun with friends :D (Especially when on of them is learning how to use breach charges and blow up both themselves and me xD)

    The last game I brought was SUPERHOT (Though I was gifted it, so technically it doesn't count :p). It's a slightly oldie but a goodie. The time-manipulation mechanics make it really intriguing to me. Also the story to it (from what I've seen) it's quite a unique one. Well worth picking up as it's more of a puzzle game then an action shooter/whatever.
  14. Rattus rattus

    Rattus rattus Jokes on you Cartoon-ish

    Play Coins:
    71 coins
    Tooth and Tail
    Portal 2
    Tomb Raider

    If to be very specific then Tomb Raider. I just knew it was the right thing to wait for some sale on Steam :p
  15. Hibiki_Kuze

    Hibiki_Kuze NintenPedia Member Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    5 coins
    Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.
  16. kingcool52

    kingcool52 AC:NL - The Villager Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    14 coins
    I bought Star Wars Battlefront 2 when it dropped down in price on Amazon. I was a bit reluctant to buy it before because of all the complaints but £32 was a decent price for the game so I went ahead and got it. I'm glad I did really because it is a great game and I would recommend it for any Star Wars lovers out there.

    There are a few issues here and there especially with matchmaking but the developers are working on it. The game itself is extremely fun.
  17. Aura_Knight394

    Aura_Knight394 Captain of the S.S. Clark

    Play Coins:
    175 coins
    I haven't really bought a game recently, but I did get Bravely Default for Christmas. I've been uber excited to play it since the demo (and because this is my first rated T game that my whole house knows is rated T and still lets me play it in the open anyway). Right now I'm currently working in Chapter 2 and am almost done with the Norende minigame with my 46 people building things.

    I also got Pokemon Sun, but since I already had a copy I plan on going to WalMart and exchanging it for Pokemon Ultra Sun.
  18. Naiwen

    Naiwen I'm Not A Pikachu Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    47 coins
    Diablo 3.
  19. Aura_Knight394

    Aura_Knight394 Captain of the S.S. Clark

    Play Coins:
    175 coins
    Pokemon Ultra Sun.

    I honestly hope "I was scared spitless!" becomes a meme.