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What's your favorite Mario game?

Discussion in 'Mario and Mario Kart' started by Skully, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Kadaj

    Kadaj JENOVA's Youngling Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    67 coins
    Hey i like a lot of those too! I can certainly agree this isnt the easiest question out there to answer, in fact i too find it rather difficult! Mario galaxy had a very beautiful level design, the music was marvelous and ive always loved it quite a lot for many other reasons. I still love that game along with mario galaxy 2, but i found the original superior to number 2 here so to speak.

    And then there were the wonderful days of playing super mario bros 3 on Super NES all stars, now that game is definitely a eternal keeper in my opinion! The graphics arent perfect, but i recently bought the NES version for 3ds VC and i was so happy to be playing it again and have such a remarkable mario game back! The game has a nice variety of powerups, and also some that are quite unique such as the hammer bro suit, frog suit, and that good old p-wing which i also love in thr game!
    also, i learned that if you finish the game once on the NES version and start another without resetting in any way, your whole inventory will be filled with P-wings entirely! I thought this was quite a pleasant surprise.

    Its hard to choose one single favorite... I was a hardcore Mario player and have played all kinds of things mario. But those are some of my favorites above, if i tried to write the entire list it woulf way too long, sorry guys. :p
  2. swift789

    swift789 Hero of Hyrule Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    102 coins
    Super mario 3d land or super mario bros for the origional ds.
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  3. Kadaj

    Kadaj JENOVA's Youngling Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    67 coins
    Hey i like super mario 3d land too! If you really want a unique mario game though i highly recommend mario maker for 3ds or wii u, the thing thats so special about these games is its like mixmatch of several different mario games, and even better is the fact the possibilities are literally boundless since you can design custom levels and worlds in any way you like. Some people have even made glitched levels (which i highly advise you not to do, i hear you can get erased for uploading or sharing glitch levels so do this at your own risk) which as the term basically implies are off the charts weird kek. I recently saw some on youtube and i didn't even finish half of it before i had to quit watching from laughing too much and having yo get going as well. I will be honest here and say some of those are so weird it may even look like the video was editted and it's not literally what was on whoevers screen at the time lol :p

    There are loads of great mario games out there, but mario maker on 3ds is one of my top picks if youre looking for a good one (or anyone else is!) :p nintendo has done such a great job with the series in general i know i will always love mario games, it just goes without saying in my opinion! :p
  4. Coonie

    Coonie New Kid on the Block Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    20 coins
    My newer game that I love Mario maker for 3Ds
    And the older game I like is Super Mario Bros 3
  5. ProGamingTeamHD

    ProGamingTeamHD New Kid on the Block Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    3 coins
    I have to be honest, My favorite is ............ Super Mario Galaxy for The Wii Game System. I Know Right, no one likes super Mario Galaxy or the Wii so i should shut my mouth. [​IMG] I mean seriously everybody loves Super Mario Galaxy for Wii, or at least most people do.
  6. etrian_warrior

    etrian_warrior Now named "Popcorn" *gives popcorn* Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    21 coins
    Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door is my favourite Mario game of all time and for good reason. A fun easy playing game with all the customisation one could want. I love the concept of badges too to play your own way and take easier and harder paths. All the characters and their script are even great as well. This game is and always will be number one in my book.
  7. SilverOwl

    SilverOwl Guardian Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    152 coins
    My favorite mario game would have to be mario 3. when i was a kid, that game blew my mind. at that time it was the most amazing thing i have ever played. i remember using the raccoon tail for the first time, and thought it was so cool. the levels had a lot of variety and the difficulty was just right. i must admit, that i learned the whistle cheat and was able to get to the 8th world in like 15 mins. but i also have to admit that i could never beat that world. i would always die before i got to the castle.
    dang this brings back so many memories of me playing it with my dad, we would have the card match game written down on paper and so we would be able to get all the items really fast. fun times
    Kadaj likes this.
  8. Kadaj

    Kadaj JENOVA's Youngling Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    67 coins
    I agree, that game was awesome and still is. I love the rather big item variety in this game, the music is pretty memorable to me as well, especially since ive run through that game several times and this game is actually one i could run through and remember most or all of it and still have a blast :p super mario 3 for me is a eternal favorite ^~^
  9. Boidoh

    Boidoh Nintendo 3DS Addict Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    17 coins
    My favourite Mario game would have to be Super Mario Sunshine. The tropical atmosphere is what really draws me to the game.
  10. NES

    NES Pokemon Trainer Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    27 coins
    Super Mario Galaxy I and II would be a tie for my favorite. However, though, I haven't tried any later Mario games. Possibly the latest Mario 3D adventure game would be my favorite.
  11. xxDriftingAway

    xxDriftingAway I'm Not A Pikachu Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    19 coins
    The Mario Party series by far. I have always a loved Monopoly and games like it and this is my way of getting that in my life. I still have a N64 and play it on there. I have it on my 3DS as well but that is the latest console that I have that has the game. If I could get and play it on my phone I'd pay like $30 for that... would be worth it. SO MUCH FUN!

    Mario Party on the N64 (all of them) is the best version of the game. Been a while since I played it on our Wii (not hooked up and not going to be for a while, should probably sell it) but it is better than my 3DS version. :)
  12. MegaStriker

    MegaStriker NintenPedia Member Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    0 coins
    What is your favorite Mario game? My favorite is Super Mario 64 DS.