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Would the 3DS have gotten your attention if it didn't have 3D?

Discussion in '2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL Discussions' started by Marc, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. SuperMii3D

    SuperMii3D Miimes lads! 3DS Pedia Contributor

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    119 coins
    Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land had already caught my attention, so the 3D wasnt necessary, although it is integrated into my username.
  2. Someone...

    Someone... Hey my dudes Towns Folk

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    18 coins
    Well, I got the 3ds for pokémon sun. I am a very big 3ds fan, but I rarely use the 3D. The super stable 3D(I got a new 3ds) does not work reliably because I wear glasses. One time, I left my 3D on while playing smash, and two effects took place.one, my eyes hurt. Two, my ds was out of battery
  3. EstebanTill2

    EstebanTill2 Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    937 coins
    I think I would have picked it up anyway. You know what,, when it comes to getting a new gaming console, what motivates me to aquire the so called console are none other things but the games. That is actually what happened to me when I bought the 3ds, the game that blew me away was Luigi´s mansión Dark moon. What is more, I don´t even play with the 3d feature activated, I know it is really cool but it is something that does not really interest me much.
  4. Aura_Knight394

    Aura_Knight394 Captain of the S.S. Clark

    Play Coins:
    175 coins
    I think I would have gotten one because:

    1. I would have lost my mind over how awesome Pokémon X and Y looked, and

    2. By the time said Pokémon games were announced, one of my friends accidentally ripped the top screen away from the bottom screen, so even if Pokémon X and Y didn't come out I would have still picked one up anyway.
  5. TheUltimateC

    TheUltimateC Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    888 coins
    Yeah, because i bought one (broken: unable to charge) and fixed it up myself for the games. The 3d was nice, but i didn't keep on playing it that way. Mostly because of its low battery life anyway (original model).
  6. OshaWhat!!!

    OshaWhat!!! air breather Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    43 coins
    I just wanted a better system than my brother who got a dsi while we had ds s. My joy was short lived since flipnote was nowhere till a couple of years ago. I just thought the games would be 3D form not actually 3d
  7. Furyofthestorm78

    Furyofthestorm78 I'm Not A Pikachu Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    137 coins
    Yes, I think I would have. Having had a gameboy as a teenager , then later a GBA, then a couple of ds lites. It came out shortly after I got a dsi XL and I bought one when the price went down, during a time where I was very into playing ds games. I occasionally switch on the 3d just to have a look , but mostly I find it annoying and it is turned off. I have owned the 4 different 3ds systems (3d switch actually fell off my old xl, which I didn't mind, for the 3d aspect, I disliked that the system was now broken , the hinge broke too ) I think while I am interested in games, I will most likely get every console Nintendo comes up with.