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How to Play: MikuFlick for iOS and Android

Yea, I bet I'm the only one who plays this but I'm making a tutorial anyways

  1. Rin
    Hey guys, today I'll be showing you how to play a game on iOS and Android called MikuFlick. There'll be no pictures, sorry. They're a pain to upload.

    MikuFlick is a rhythm game in which you flick the lyrics off of a Japanese keyboard. It's really easy, and you do not need to know Japanese, as everything but lyrics are translated. You can even add romanized support in the settings.

    There are two games, and here are their songlists and how to unlock them, hopefully in order:

    MikuFlick 01:
    Koisuru no Vocaloid (starter)
    Moon (starter)
    World is Mine (starter)
    Time Limit (Clear Koisuru no Vocaloid on any difficulty)
    Finder (Clear Moon on any difficulty)
    Po Pi Po (Clear World is Mine on any difficulty)
    Melt (Clear Time Limit on any difficulty)
    Electric Angel (Clear Finder on any difficulty)
    Ai Kotoba (Clear Po Pi Po on any difficulty)
    Romeo and Cinderella (Clear Melt on any difficulty)
    Stargazer (Clear Electric Angel on any difficulty)
    Your Diva (Clear Ai Kotoba on any difficulty)
    Disappearance of Hatsune Miku (Clear all aforementioned songs on NORMAL difficulty)
    ??? (Clear Disappearance of Hatsune Miku on NORMAL mode with a B rank or higher)

    MikuFlick 02:
    Love is War (Starter)
    Hajimete no Oto (Starter)
    Meltdown (Starter)
    Migikata no Chou/Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder
    Just Be Friends
    Ura-Omote Lovers
    The Intense Singing of Hatsune Miku

    I am not gonna post how to unlock each song like in the first game because I have to re-complete the game and I don't remember remember all of them and their orders. The unlocking system is the exact same as the first game.

    There is also tons of DLC for the second game. I won't name every song and pack because there is a lot, but there are songs such as Gemini, Cantarella, Nekomimi Switch, Rolling Girl, Kokoro, and some songs from the first game incase you only are getting the second one, along with many others. There's, like, 30-some, and they all come in packs of 3

    Now, on to the scoring systems:

    When you hit a note, you will get one of these results;

    Cool - You hit it perfectly, increases your score
    Fine - You hit it good, increases your score
    Safe - You either hit it on the right spot and not the right way, or you hit it a tad too early or late, does not increase or decrease your score
    Sad - You either hit it wrong or were too early or late, decreases your score
    Worst - You missed the note entirely, decreases your score

    There are two different score types, point numbers and a meter. The points aren't used for judging, and even the negative notes give you a little, so it is impossible to get 0 points, even if you fail due to missing every note. Because of this, your rank takes your meter score into account, not points.

    Your rank is determined by how much you have in your meter at the end, so you can still wind up with a whopping C, even if you do perfect except missing a few notes towards the end. This is more apparent in both Disappearance and Intense Singing, as the ending of both of them on Hard mode (Disappearance) and Extreme mode (Intense Singing) is a run on sentence. The ranks are as shows:

    Perfect - All Cool notes, it is very, very, very hard to get, even on easy songs
    S - All Cool and Fine notes, second best rank

    As said earlier, the way to play is flicking the syllables of lyrics that light up. It is literally that simple. There are arrows all over the place that guide you, so you don't need to know Japanese.

    One more note, the difficulties differ per game. Extreme Mode did not exist in the first game, so Hard mode is the equivelant. I'd recommend to always skip Easy mode in the second game, as it's a complete joke. Don't skip easy in the first one if you're a beginner though!

    Finally, both MikuFlick games are availabale on the app store. By now they're both $12 each, but the second game may still be on a half off sale.


Recent Comments

  1. OopaMazo
    I uploaded tons of pictures to my previous blog. The only pain was editing some of them, but to each their own. So both MikuFlicks are basically like Guitar Hero (or should I compare it to Tap Tap Revenge?), but with a Japanese keyboard? xD
    1. Rin
      Blogger's Response
      Well they layout is a bit different than those games, but yea, it is similar