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Super Pokemon Bros! Chapter 1

Villain Intro / Also being uploaded to my deviantart, Kagamine-Rin-Len-V3

  1. Rin
    Once upon a time, in an evil kingdom surrounded by a lava moat, King Bowser sat upon his throne, plotting. He was plotting a super bad, super awesome way to take over The Mushroom Kingdom. It needed to be new, fresh, nothing like his older plots that always wound up sending him into a pit of lava.

    Suddenly everything began to shake. What was going on, Bowser did not know. Whether it was good or bad, he also did not know. But soon the source of the shaking was made apparent. Right in front of him, a large portal opened up as the shaking came to an abrupt halt.

    A shadowy figure stepped, no floated, through the portal, and spoke in a deep voice,

    "You are Lord Bowser, correct?"

    "Yes, I am the great Lord Bowser, ruler of Koopa Kingdom and soon to be ruler of- Oh wait, was that too much?" Bowser stood from his throne and eyed the shadow creature.

    The shadow creature made no comment on Bowser's ramblings and instead continued,

    "I go by the name of Darkrai, from the world of Pokémon. It seems my powers have combined our two worlds, and I must say, this is great for my plans to take over the world."

    Bowser's ears perked up. Did he hear right, that this "Darkrai" planned to take over the world?!

    "I would like to ask for you and your minions to assist me in my plans. If you accept, I shall grant you all the resources you shall need and we shall rule the world together. What do you say?"

    Bowser looked down to his feet and thought about it for many long moments. This sounded like just what he needed to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, and more! But, looking on the other side of things it could be some sick joke to throw him in a pile of lava for the umpteenth time.

    "Okay, I will help you. But this better not be some sick joke because I'm already humiliated enough by those pesky Mario brothers." Bowser said after a long moment of silence.

    "Very good, we shall start our first plans right away. But first we need an HQ. Somewhere without so many Koopa Troopa guards roaming around. They mustn't listen in on us." Darkrai spoke firmly. "Now, if you please, can you summon your army? I shall need to see what potential they posses to provide them with the tools they shall need, more specifically, what Pokemon they shall possess."

    "Um....sure!" Bowser walked over to some sort of P.A system and bellowed,

    "Larry! Roy! Wendy! Iggy! Morton! Lemmy! Ludwig! I need to speak to you Koopalings IMMEDIATELY!"

    The 7 Koopalings ran in from all different sides, most of them looking a bit shaken; Iggy had soot all over, hinting that one of his "inventions" exploded...again.... Wendy's lipstick was smeared, Roy's sunglasses were lopsided, and Ludwig had sheet music stuck to his arm. Larry was trying to straighten out his mohawk that somehow got tangled. Morton had been blabbing up a storm about things that made no sense, and Lemmy seemed absolutely fine, still doing little flips on his yellow circus ball with the orange stars.

    "What was that shaking just a minute ago, King Dad?" Ludwig asked calmly.

    "Was it an earthquake?!" Larry blurted out.

    "Hmph, whatever it was it messed up my makeup." Wendy muttered grumpily.

    "Oh come on, it couldn't have been an earthquake. It only lasted about 3 seconds! I could storm up a larger shake with my fists! Wanna see?!" Roy grumbled.

    "No!" The other 6 shouted all at once.

    "QUIET!" Bowser bellowed. "There is someone I would like you to meet. This is Darkrai, he is from another universe known as Pokemon and we have teamed up to take over the world. And all 7 of you will be helping. I want you each to capture one of the Mario brothers and their gang. And incase you have to fight, you will each be given Pokemon rather than fighting directly."

    "But, what are Pokemon?" Lemmy asked.

    "What you're saying is rather vague...I don't understand." Larry added.

    Darkrai stepped, no floated, forward and began to speak.

    "Pokemon are creatures of all shapes and sizes and types. There are many types of Pokemon such as Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Dragon, Dark, and a few others. As of now there are over 700, but I am entrusting you each with 3. Please take good care of them. I will explain details later. For now, here you go."

    Darkrai each gave them 3 Pokeballs.

    "Ooh, what are these? Can we juggle em! Whoa!" Lemmy almost fell off his circus ball as he tried to juggle them and they came toppling down; one hit his head and the others hit the floor.

    "Lemmy those are not toys. No juggling them, and don't lose them!"

    Larry pressed the button on one of his Pokeballs and gasped.

    "Awww, a puppy!" He crouched down and tried to pet the Lilipup that emerged, but instead the Lilipup bit his finger, growling softly. "Oww~! Puppy bit me!"

    "Whoa! It's as tall as me!" Iggy laughed at the Roserade that now stood next to him. The Roserade hit him with a toxic thorn. "OUCH! That hurt! Bad Pokemon!"

    "Enough fooling around!" Bowser bellowed, making all 7 Koopalings freeze in their tracks.

    "These Pokemon are not here to be toys. They are supposed to help you to defeat any enemy that comes across your path. It seems that the Mario gang has already laid hands on some Pokemon, so you may end up having to battle, should they escape being captured." Darkrai spoke in an oddly calm voice.

    "Now, I will assign you each a land to take over. Larry, head to grass land. Roy, desert land! Lemmy, ice land. Wendy, beach land. Iggy, forest land. Morton, rock land. Ludwig, sky land. Now go! Time is valuable at the moment and Darkrai and I need to plot!" Bowser spoke to the Koopalings.

    "Yes, King Dad!" All seven of them said at once and headed out to where they were assigned to go.

Recent Comments

  1. Derplink_:3
    Terrific story, It's pretty great and worth my reading time. :3
  2. OopaMazo
    A very nice start to an interesting story! (>‿◠)✌
  3. Spinnerweb
    It was sweet. A funny-for-the-sake-of-funny comedy is always good :D
  4. Magik
    AWESOME!!! I love how you used Darkrai. Pearl and Diamond Pokemon movie.... memories...
  5. FinFett
  6. Rocky
  7. Earth2543
    Cliff hanger!
  8. SmashChamp
    This is so cool.
  9. Megalegacy98
    Awesome! I wanna see whats gonna happen next. *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧
  10. paceygym
    I like it so far :3 Except for one thing... I have to wait for more (cries)