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Super Pokemon Bros! Chapter 3

The action begins as the three heros confront Larry Koopa

  1. Rin
    "We gotta find a way out of here! I'm getting claustrophobic in this tiny cell!" Angela squealed like a little kid.

    "Chillax Angela, there's gotta be some sort of hole, or some way to break a hole, to get us out of here." Colton spoke softly incase there were any guards. "Split up and look behind furniture and in walls. There's gotta be something!"

    Lila briefly looked around the room and found an air vent at the very top of the wall. "There's an air vent up there, but we'd have to find some way to climb up there."

    "I have an idea." Angela said when she was calm again. She reached into her bag to pull out a pink and yellow Pokeball. Pressing the button released an Abra at their feet.

    "Abra! Abra! Abra!" It spoke upon freedom.

    "Hey Abra, teleport us to the other side of that vent up there!" Angela told it.

    "Abra!" The Pokemon nodded and within seconds, the four of them saw the sky again. Except there was one problem....

    ....They weren't on solid ground, and thus began to fall. They landed in the moat and all instinctively began to swim to land.

    "S-So cold!" Lila's teeth were chattering.

    "Oh quit being such a baby. That water was not cold at all." Colton said, but it was a lie proven by him shaking slightly.

    "Anyways, enough wasting time. We need to figure out where that airship went." Angela told them firmly. "It may lead us back to Sinnoh."

    "I think it went that way," Colton said. "Towards where all those weird blocks and pipes are."

    "Then let's go!" Lila said enthusiastically, heading towards one of the pipes.

    "Oh my GOSH! What is THAT THING?!" Colton screamed like a little girl, pointing at one of the pipes. It was some sort of plant thing. Like, a venus flytrap but red with white spots.

    The strange plant grabbed him by the shirt with its teeth and shook him around like a ragdoll.

    "Colton!" The two girls screamed, trying to reach for him.

    The plant dropped him to the ground and Colton groaned.

    Funnily enough he landed next to a sign that said "Beware of Pirahna Plants - They Bite."

    "That would have been nice to know before we approached the pipe." Colton muttered as the girls helped him to his feet.

    They continued walking, passing by all sorts of strange creatures, as well as more turtles. At this point Colton stopped thinking of them as Halloween costume kids, following up the incident with the Hammer Bro troops.

    "Look, I think I see something!" Lila exclaimed, pointing to what looked like some sort of fort or castle in the distance.

    "Shall we go check it out?" Angela questioned.

    And with that, the three kids continued on their journey until the castle was now clear in sight.

    "Shall we go in? It could be dangerous." Angela spoke oddly calmly while the other two looked frightened.

    "I'm scared!" Lila cried, hiding behind Colton.

    "Oh, quit being such a baby. There can't be anything worse than what we've faced so far!" Colton claimed, shoving open one of the doors, as they all stepped inside.

    Boy, was he wrong.

    One of the odd turtle kids stood a few yards away, apparently not noticing the door slammed open. He had sky blue hair in some sort of mohawk-ponytail style. He was fairly short, and had a blue spiked shell that appeared a little too big for him. On the side of his green head, there was a birthmark or tattoo of sorts, which was blue in the shape of a star.

    Directly next to him was an even shorter figure in a cage, that looked like a human mushroom. He wore a round cap that was white with red spots, with a blue vest and...a diaper? The two seemed to be having an argument, but it was hard to make out what was being said.

    "I'll handle this!" Lila grumbled, stepping forward.

    "Lila, wait!" Angela spoke in a hushed voice, but Lila already stepped forward and cleared her throat, startling the two arguing figures.

    "Eh?! An intruder?!" The turtle kid stepped forward to them.

    Lila pressed her hands to her hips and glared.

    "Hey, kid! Just what do you think you are doing playing with these cages?!" She shouted.

    "Yea, this isn't Halloween so how about you dress in some real clothes instead of some stupid Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles costume!" Colton added on, also with his hands against his hips.

    "Just let that poor kid go and we can all get along with our day, hm?" Angela added, seeming calmer compared to the other two.

    "Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles!?" The turtle kid seemed enraged by this as he stomped his foot. "Excuse me, I am Larry Koopa and I'm not some silly kid in a Halloween costume. This is the real deal!" He cooled down for a second and added "You three don't seem to be from the Mushroom Kingdom, are you? Are you from Master Darkrai's realm?"

    "Assuming we're introducing ourselves here, I am Angela, and these are Lila and Colton." Angela said.

    "And I have no clue what you mean by 'Master Darkrai's realm', but no matter the reason, if you think you're such a tough little kid, why not try to fight like a man?" Colton continued to glare at Larry.

    "Actually, that isn't a bad idea." Larry mused. "Say, are those Pokeballs in your hands? I challenge you to a battle, three on three. If you can beat me I'll let you out on your happy little ways and surrender. But if you lose," He went on, "You'll face King Dad's wrath, and trust me, a Koopa's wrath isn't a pretty sight for pesky outsiders such as yourselves."

    "I'll handle this, but, uh, be sure to back me up ladies." Colton muttered to the other two. "Go! Squirtle!"

    "Well, you leave me no choice! Lilipup! It's your time to shine!" Larry pulled out a Pokeball the same color as his hair and a cute little Lilipup emerged.

    "Awww, so cute! I've never seen such an adorable little thing before!" Lila exclaimed, going up to try to pet it. In exchange, it bit her hand. "Ow! It bit my finger! Bad dog!" She ran back to where the other two were.

    "Yea, that happened to me too..." Larry mumbled grumpily. "Now, Lilipup, why not show just how ferocious you are to that Squirtle with a bite!"

    Lilipup didn't really listen, giving Colton an opening to command "Squirtle! Use water gun!"

    "Squirtle!" The Pokemon cried out, shooting water at both Lilipup, and Larry, leaving them both soaking wet.

    "H-Hey!" Larry choked on water briefly before regaining himself and exclaiming, "You'll pay for that!"

    The Lilipup, however, had other things in mind as it shook it's coat off, spraying Larry with more water, and running to hide in the corner.

    "Oh, COME ON!" Larry screamed, stomping his feet in anger. "Litleo, you're up next! Don't disappoint me like that wimp of a puppy!" Larry threw out another Pokemon that growled at the others, intimidating the three kids and Squirtle.

    Lila shoved Colton out of the way, exclaiming, "I'll handle this one! Pikachu! Now's your spotlight!"

    "Pika, pika!" The yellow mouse-like Pokemon exclaimed as it sent out a bolt of thunder to the opposing Litleo, and before it had a chance to react, both the lion Pokemon and Larry shuddered from the shock.

    "Ouch! That hurt!" Larry shouted. "Litleo, let's light things up!"

    The Litleo seemingly nodded and sent out a blast of fire at the opposing team.

    "Yikes!" All 3 kids jumped back to avoid being burned. Poor Pikachu got hit and fainted.

    "Oh no!" Lila exclaimed, running up to gather the unconcious mouse Pokemon.

    Litleo wasn't in the best of condition either. It had been struck by recoil, and fainted as well.

    "Oh! Oh! This will really show ya!" Larry grabbed his last Pokeball and shouted, "Meowth! Don't fail me now!"

    "Meowth!" The odd cat-like Pokemon exclaimed, showing off claws.

    "Allow me." Angela stepped forward, taking out a Pokeball. "Meowstic! Time to show em what you got!"

    "Oooh, cat fight!" Colton muttered.

    But the Meowth was also fairly disobedient and had other plans in mind than to fight against the enemy. It began to dash around and knock over things such as statues, vases, chairs, even Larry himself.

    "H-Hey! Cut that out!" Larry chased the Meowth around the room until he finally caught the cat like Pokemon. All he got were claws to the face as a wrestling match between the Pokemon and Koopaling commenced.

    "This is way too comical for a serious enemy..." Colton muttered, as the two girls stifled giggles. Meowtic just sat there at Angela's feet, most likely thinking the same things they were.

    "I give up!" Larry exclaimed once he finally got the Meowth in its Pokeball and under control. "You can move on for now, but I'm warning you, my 6 other siblings will make you pay!"

    Larry ran right past the 3 teens out the door, and from the window they watched him jump into a pipe and warp out of sight.

    "Jeez, that kid's bark is a lot worse than his bite." Colton muttered.

    "Let's get out of here..." The two girls agreed.

    "But what about me?!" The mushroom creature exclaimed after being silent in fear for so long.

    "Oh, right. Sorry about that!" Angela walked over to the cage and picked the lock with a hair pin.

    "I cannot thank you enough! First I was daydreaming in Princess Peach's castle, and next thing I know, the Koopalings kidnapped me!" He exclaimed. "Oh! Where are my manners? I am Toad, one of many of my species by the same name that reside in the Mushroom Kingdom! If you require any assistance be sure to call on me! Even if I cannot physically assist you, I can certainly cheer you on!" Toad beamed.

    "I am Lila, and this is Colton and Angela!" Lila said cheerily. "Nice to meet you, Toad!"

    "We really should get going...." Angela spoke softly.

    "Oh, can I come with you?" Toad asked.

    "Of course!" The three of them spoke in unison, although Colton's response was a bit half hearted.

    "Then let's go!" Toad exclaimed and the four of them walked out the doors and continued on their journey.

    Meanwhile, back at the HQ....

    "Larry! I can't believe you have failed me-I mean us-! Go to your room!" Bowser bellowed.

    "I-I'm sorry King Dad! They were too strong, and those Pokemon I was given would not listen to me!" Larry exclaimed before turning around to head to his room, sulking.

    "Perhaps my choice of Pokemon that young Larry was entrusted with just weren't strong enough to defeat those 3 kids..." Darkrai sighed. "Perhaps young Roy will have better luck...."

    "I sure hope so!" Bowser grumbled as he watched his son run off. 'He should be humiliated after that mess happened...' He thought to himself, hoping Roy could take care of those pesky Pokemon trainers.

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    This is something that could be made into an animation and still be awesome!
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    Keep it up Rin.
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    great series!
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    Keep up the good work :D
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    The Detail put into this really makes it feel like its alive