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Love Live! School Idol Festival Tips/Guide

Another iOS/Android game I'm constantly playing.

  1. Rin
    Hello, I'm sure many of you heard me talking about this game, so I'm making a guide for those who want to play it themselves. No pictures right now though, as I don't have screenshots at the moment. I may update with them later.

    The game is free to download, however to get rare characters you'll need love gems, which can be pretty hard to earn without paying money. I'll explain more on this later.

    First I'll explain character cards:

    Character cards are labelled under 4 categories shown at the top-
    N (Normal), R (Rare), SR (Super Rare), UR (Ultra Rare)

    Rare are the regular Muse members, and you can choose one to start out with in the beginning. Ultra Rare and Super Rare are extremely hard to get, even when spending money, so don't get your hopes up too high on them (I have 6-7 but it took me a while to get them). Normal are just random characters.

    Here's the gimmick though. If you get two of the same card you can do a special practice and "idolize" them. Their clothes will change and you can then maximize bonds (explained shortly)

    You can also practice and level up your cards by choosing other ones to work with. These characters you choose will disappear afterwards, so never use a rare card in the mix. It also may be a waste of time to level up N cards, if you are like me and are a R collector. I have almost all of them.

    Once you idolize a character you can maximize their bond. It's 50 for an N member and 200 for R, and I think SR and UR are 200 but I haven't gotten to special practice one yet. Then you can unlock their "side story" and you get love gems.

    If you're like me and want to hoard Love Gems for rare characters, idolize EVERYY single character you can manage to get two of. If you get an N character that you have not seen yet, SAVE IT. You may have them sitting in your inventory for a while but it's worth it if you're like me.

    Now to talk about attributes. There are 3 of them, Smile, Pure, and Cool. Every character card will have one of these attributes (Hint, Smile = Pink, Pure = Green, Cool = Blue) and each song will also have an attribute by it. You won't get very many points if you don't have as much of the matching attribute as possible, so when you can, make 3 teams (you can make up to 5), one of each color.

    Then there's scouting, which I already mentioned a bit about.

    You can do two types of scouting, Regular Student Scouting, and Honor Student Scouting. Regular Scouting is done using Friend Points that you can earn in various ways as rewards. Honor Student scouting will guarantee a R card or more, but it costs 5 Love Gems and more likely than not you probably won't get a SR or UR card. And if you do, feel free to guard it like a "precious" xD

    Live Shows are the main rhythm part of the game. I will definitely get a screenshot soon, but to describe it, at the top you have a score meter and point number, your "stamina" which will run out if you miss the notes, and there will be your 9 characters on that team's headshots in a circle formation.

    You must tap these circles when the note bubbles are even with the headshots. Not before, not after, or it'll be early/late. There are some notes that you have to hold down, and some that you have to hit two at once. The in game tutorial will explain this further.

    There are Star Notes in the live show. They don't show up in easy mode, and I don't think they do anything special, but if you don't get a perfect or great on them, they'll take off stamina, and lots of it. Personally I don't think they're anything but an annoyance. They don't even give bonus points.

    I think I've covered anything I can right now at the moment. Some of this will be covered in game. A few more random tips:

    -I DON'T recommend playing this on a phone, unless it's a REALLY big phone. This is a two hand game.
    -You'll get a handful of Love Gems every day for a week when you first sign up. This is known as a "new member" phase, and rare characters will have an increased chance. By the end of the week you should have nearly 30. Feel free to spend them as you wish, or you could try hoarding 50 of them to scout 11 times in a row.

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    Do you play Cytus, too?
    1. Rin
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      No, never heard of it