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Pedia-users X Pokemon Names

Users mixed with pokenames

  1. Larsi
    Once upon a time GerudoWarrior was bored and wanted to mix active Pedia users With pokemon names.

    I will write what user I used in the mix, but it`s up to you to find out which pokemon it is. :sneaky:

    Magimarc (Marc)
    Mikachu (Mikaya)
    Paceyrishu (Paceygym)
    Smachchamp (SmashChamp)
    Pyrawr (Rawrrie)
    Viizing (Vii)
    Maviip (Vii)
    Maviile (Vii lol)
    Deliwarbird (Warbird1500)
    Policapntoed (Captain Toad)
    Faithskitty (Faithkitty)
    Soulrock (EmeraldSoul)
    Spinnyarak (Spinnerweb)
    Aliados (AliTheAce)
    Duskalops (Duska80)
    Firstserperior (FirstSerpent)
    Meowth (Guess who xD)
    Greninjapatty (Ninja-Patty)
    Sunneary (SunnyWindy)
    Tyrawritar (Rawrrie)
    Tortaco (Tacocob)
    Rinfernape (Rin)
    Loopanny (OopaMazo)
    AlphaHarryiama (Alpha Harry)
    Alakaerixsam (ErixSan)
    Gerudreigon (GerudoWarrior)

    To be continued!

Recent Comments

  1. FirstSerpent
    Ehe, Serp is one of my favorites. :3
    1. Larsi
      Blogger's Response
      I thougth so :P
  2. Spinnerweb
    XD Spinarak, eh? You done been really creative with this.
    1. Larsi
      Blogger's Response
      Haha, thanks :)
  3. Magik
    Nice! Try tagging people though so they know you mentioned them)
    1. Larsi
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks :) I shall try to tag them if I make more
  4. MasterofBasics
    could i be in the next list?
    btw creative! (*0*)
    1. Larsi
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks, and sure :)
  5. rawrrie
    I love it xD So creative :D
    1. Larsi
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks Pyrawrr
  6. Marc
    Splash splash Gerudo.. splash splash :P
    1. Larsi
      Blogger's Response
      hahahaha xD. "But nothing happened"
  7. AliTheAce
    LOL, I luv this list! xD
    Make moar! :D
    1. Larsi
      Blogger's Response
      I got lots of more, so brace yourself xD
  8. SmashChamp
    Lol, liked mine, but I an't that muscular.....
    1. Larsi
      Blogger's Response
      I bet you don`t have four arms either xD