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Stone tower temple custom lyrics

Zelda with lyrics

  1. GerudoWarrior

    This is my custom lyrics for the stone Tower temple song in Majoras mask. The link to the song is above


    "Come on, keep up, don`t be late"
    "You must meet you`re greatest fate"
    "Destiny is coming soon"
    "One must not forget the moon"

    (This part is also sung through the Whole song while the other part is playing)

    "Come now, child, come on and meet you`re fate now"
    "Stop the moon, that`s all we need to know"
    "If you fall, Termina will fall With you"
    "Stop the moon, that`s all we ever knew"


    "Up is Down, and Earth touches sky"
    "Go on fast, or time will fly"
    "One more task, and then you`re done"
    "Please, Link, hurry up, or we`re done"

    "One day remain, then, the tears will rain"
    "One day remain, then, all will be vain"

    What do you think?


    1. majoras temple.png

Recent Comments

  1. SmashChamp
  2. skinick25
    That's really neat! I never have thought of putting lyrics to a wordless Zelda song before... Great job though! :)
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      Thank you :). Its really fun
  3. Riveaslight700
    I really like the Legend of Zelda:Majora's Mask because it has creepy characters creepy and also the fact that the story is creepy. It also has disturbing and sad moments.
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      I agree With you, its a great game :)
  4. Minejet17
    I liked it but I prefer lyrics that dont mention link or zelda or the temple or the goal as if example

    Song of healing;
    Heal my wounds.
    Hear me now.
    Or You shall escape...
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      Thank you for Your feedback and Your example :): I shall look into it