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Pedia-users X Pokenames part 2


  1. GerudoWarrior
    The Pokeparty continues

    StaRaptor98 (Raptor98)
    Cradilawer (Dilawer)
    Chespirin (Chesire-cat)
    Marcmory (Marc)
    Feralexigatr (Alex)
    D4rkdragonite (D4rkDragon)
    Viidrill (Vii)
    Artisacuno (Artisan)
    Pepylup (pepy550)
    Raptos (Raptor98)
    Lurawrrio (Rawrrie)
    Porzygon (Zygloman)
    Mikaylotic (Mikaya)
    Tepigmayor (Pigmayor)
    Fennerin (Rin)
    Rinsir (Rin)
    Steelantrix (Antrix)
    Warden Chuckle (Warden Chult)
    PorygonP2 (P2.0)
    Bidooparel (OopaMazo)
    Pandaxorus (Pandaxclone)

    To be continued!

Recent Comments

  1. Artisan
    Neat. :strokes beard:
    1. GerudoWarrior
  2. Iridium Winter
    Iridium Winter
    How did I know Staraptor would be the Pokemon name I would be fused with :D
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      Staraptor and Zapdos :D
  3. SmashChamp
  4. rawrrie
    Lol I love it >.</
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      thanks Lurawrrio :D
  5. MasterofBasics
    CAn I be in it?
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      I shall try to find something :)