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The Hyrule Warriors dlc - is it really worth it?

Is the HW dlc worth it

  1. GerudoWarrior
    The Hyrule warriors dlc – is it really worth it?


    When Hyrule warriors came out last year in September, four dlc packs was announced: Master quest pack, Twilight princess pack, Majoras mask pack and the Boss pack (Ganon pack in Japan). All packs cost 7.99$ each, except for the boss pack, which costs 2.99$. All of these packs could be bought in the «hero of Hyrule pack», which was priced at 19,99$, and allowed you to get all of the dlc automatically downloaded on you`re Wii U console when they became available on the eShop. I bought this pack because I loved hyrule warriors at that time, and I was excited for all the additional content Nintendo offered. Even though the «Hero of Hyrule pack» has been available since the realease date of HW (19th september in Europe and 27th in North America), I am sure that some players have waited to buy the dlc, because they want to see excactly what characters, weapons, costumes and adventure mode maps that is available for them. Now that the final dlc pack has been released, the real question is: Is it really worth it?

    Here is a list of the content of the four packs

    Master quest pack: Weapon for Link: Epona
    Five new story mode episodes called «Cia`s quest»
    A new adventure mode map
    Costumes for Cia and Lana

    Twilight princess pack: New character: Twili Midna
    Weapon for Zelda: Copy rod
    A new adventure mode map
    Costumes for Link and Zelda

    Majoras mask pack: New characters: Tingle and young Link
    Costumes for Impa, sheik and Lana
    A new adventure mode map

    The boss pack: New mode: Boss challenge
    New mode: Ganon`s fury

    In total, there are four new characters you can get from the dlc. These are Twili Midna, Young Link, Tingle and Ganon. The last one, Ganon, can only be used in the special mode called «Ganon`s fury». In this mode, you can satisfy you`re brutal needs by taking taking down even bigger hordes of enemies, and treat the giant bosses like regular enemies. We also get a total of five new weapons: Epona in master quest, the copy rod in twilight princess, plus the weapons for the new characters. Every pack except for the Boss pack comes with a new adventure mode map, and each of the new adventure maps has unique features from the game the pack is inspired by. There are lot`s of new costumes to unlock, and if you buy the hero of Hyrule pack, you get a free Dark Link costume, yay.

    The add on content for Hyrule warriors provides the game with so much more playtime. If you`re a completionist like me, and you are getting/have got the dlc, you are going to spend so much more time A-ranking every single adventure mode level in the three dlc maps. The characters are also really good, and Ganon`s fury is awesome. I didn`t care about the costumes so much, but additional skins are good to have.
    In my opinion, the dlc for Hyrule warriors is very good, and offers the player to spend a lot more time on the game. If you`re a big fan of the game, and if you play it often, you should buy the dlc. If you don`t spend so much time on it, you might want to skip it. After I finished the main game of HW, I took a break and played other games. That being said, I always took some time off to play it whenever a pack came out. After the Majoras mask pack came out, I got into the game again, and now I play it whenever I have time.

    I hope you like my article :)

Recent Comments

  1. Derplink_:3
    Ganondog you bet it's worth it! I mean you could play as youngLink and transform into the fierce diete form which is the best past of playing as young Link. Unless you hate Link? :eek:
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      lol im better at Young link than With myself :(
  2. T-Player Guy
    T-Player Guy
    Great discussion post about HW's DLC.I still don't have the have the game,and I'm more focused on amiibo and DS/Wii games hunting for now,but once that's over,I'll get the game,but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get an eShop or credit card to buy these awesome DLC packs in time.I want to play as Ganon and Young Link so badly. ;_;
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      The game is amazing, and Young Link is my favorite character. Thanks by the way :)
  3. Isaac14391
    It going to be awesome in the boss pack
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      The boss pack is awesome.My fav pack is the majoras mask pack
  4. ToxicWolf1132
    I want this game so baaaad, but I'm grounded from the wii u so I can't play as often as I'd like :(. Oh and are you looking forward to the next dlc? Apperently you'll get to play as a cuckoo!
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      The next dlc is already out, but I haven`t gotten to the cuuco part yet. Once you`re "Ungrounded", you hould get it, It`s awesome!
  5. patbacknitro
    great article. and other companys should follow nintendos lead. $20 to basicaly double the content of an already large game is by far a great deal. especiay for the hundreds of hours of gameplay. plus costumes,new charecters, new weapons, new 8-bit weapons, and new modes. not so glad about boss rush, but ganons fury does give this game a huge variety now. but all hyrule warriors needs now is a conquest mode, like the other dynasty warriors games. where your charecter gets a lan and you try to take over the other lands. and as you progress enemys might try to take your land as well and you gotta defend it. admit it thats why hyrule warriors could use to bring up the fun factor
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      Yep, I totally agree With you. Thanks by the way. I also wanna see a multiplayer batttle mode, where you Control an army against you`re friends.
  6. SmashChamp
    I'm at my Mom's and I can't play T games.....

    But once I get to my Dad's house me and Pacey are finishing the game and I might buy the DLC!
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      Good Luck With that! I wish I had someone to play this game With other than my little Brother, that never wants to.
  7. OopaMazo
    A quality blog! You don't see many of these around. xD
    I was originally going to get HW, but bought Treasure Tracker instead. I might come back and get this game (Including DLC) one day.
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      This was actually an article I wrote to Spinnerweb.If it was good, I got to be a contributer, and he liked it :) Thanks. And you should uy HW, it`s a great game.
  8. SuperMii3D
    You get to play as a giant Cucuo.

    Anyone who doesnt think the pack is worth it is absolutely absurd.
    1. GerudoWarrior
      Blogger's Response
      I haven`t gotten so far into Ganon`s fury, I have difficulties with one of the missions. And also, Cuccos are the only true threat to Lord Ganon.