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Time Records for Bosses in New Super Mario Bros Wii

How fast it takes me to beat the Koopalings xD

  1. Rin
    So yea, I've been trying to keep a log on how fast I can beat each of the Koopalings in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I am using a copy of my mom's save file (which she has 3 Stars on) so I'm kinda skipping around.

    This will be updated any time I beat my score or get a new one, as I only got a couple so far.

    Also, these are from Castle battles. I'm skipping the fortresses.

    Larry - 30 Seconds
    Roy - N/A
    Lemmy - 80 Seconds / 1 Min 20 Sec
    Wendy - N/A
    Iggy - N/A
    Morton N/A
    Ludwig - N/A

    Not sure if I'll do Bowser Jr or not, and I won't be doing the final Bowser boss yet

Recent Comments

  1. OopaMazo
    Quick Question: Are you measuring the time in NSMB.Wii seconds or Real Life seconds? xD (They are slightly different.)

    I'm just wondering because I am thinking about making a blog like this, but for all of the NSMB. games (If it's fine with you, that is).
    1. Rin
      Blogger's Response
      New Super Mario Bros Wii seconds. I have no other way to keep track on my own. I just note the time when I enter the room and what time I defeated the boss and subtract.