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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Giveaway

Discussion in 'Town Billboard' started by Marc, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. saltypepper

    saltypepper Great! He is an uncanny fellow! Towns Folk

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    I saw the trailer and at first I was kind of mixed, I mean I liked Splatoon but I mean it's not a seller for me. I did appreciate the animation as it looked really S L I C K if you know what I mean.

    As it turned to black, I was thinking, "oh, perhaps an extra story detail? maybe it's getting a little more serious.". When it zoomed into her face, I was like "oooh, what's the threat here?"

    Then I saw the Smash logo, and I don't think words can exactly describe how I felt. Still, I may as well try.
    "be quiet i'm trying to watch TV" my dad says.

    I was definitely excited. But when I saw the number 2018, oh boy. If my dad didn't tell me to be quiet earlier, I would've probably yelled so loudly the neighborhood could hear me (not any further though, wouldn't want my voice to completely die).

    My brothers didn't really have the same effect, maybe because they didn't like the way Smash was going in the competitive way, but I was hyped. After seeing the little details, such as being developed by HAL, that kickstarted me wanting a Switch (and Kirby Star Allies, I mean just look at that game, that game looks amazing!)

    Oh and by the way, thanks Marc for doing a giveaway like this! (and by any chance have you watched Nyanners?)
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  2. Marc

    Marc Until We Go Down Forum Management

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    First time hearing the name.
  3. MysticSniper

    MysticSniper Spirit of a Dragon Towns Folk

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    210 coins
    When the trailer first started, I was like ok, what is the, then the smash logo happenned, and I was like holy crap. Not the most exciting thing from the direct for me. NEW WARIOWARE!!!
  4. Kadaj

    Kadaj X-Generation Cetra, the Great Weapon JENOVA Last Remnant

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    177 coins
    well since i skipped the actual direct, i ended up seeing the trailer and tbh i laughed when i saw the symbol in the inkling's eye, i probably wouldnt have known it was an early smash trailer actually if not for the title and the symbol at the end since we only watched a couple inklings battle for a bit lol :p it was a pretty funny trailer but exciting news to keep it short and to the point :p
  5. Ethendor

    Ethendor The PK-Fire spammer Towns Folk

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    So I came into the direct believing we wouldn’t a single bit of smash, so when the trailer came up it looked a lot like the splatoon 1 promo and I was wondering if it was like the story mode from splatoon 1 coming back or a port for the first game. There was a bit in me that was thinking it could also be inklings showing up in another game like Smash but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. When it turned dark I realized that it might actually be Smash and then when I saw the logo in the inkling’s eye I was shouting I was so supprised that Smash actually showed up.
  6. Chibi Asriel

    Chibi Asriel Goat Herder Towns Folk

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    6 coins
    was on skype call during the direct, reacting with a friend when this annoucment came up: at first we though "oh 3ds sploon game or Some other giant sploon 2 update" no... we we're wrong, I was question why and how Smash was annouced...friend fell out of his chair
  7. EpicR

    EpicR Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

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    190 coins
    Man I love smash but didn't expect it. I was actually spoiled when I looked at my feed but then watched the trailer and still felt the shivers. The slow dark fade to the screeching music leading up to the smash ball logo was amazing. I don't have a switch but plan to get one once I graduate. I know I'll be smashing for a while and I couldn't ask for a better announcement.
  8. Danominator

    Danominator Search me on YouTube! Towns Folk

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    Of course not, but it goes to show how Nintendo is putting tons of effort into the next Smash. I am expecting some updated visuals. :D
  9. TIGER2

    TIGER2 Kuro Ookami Towns Folk

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    357 coins
    Are you saying I have to post ten things about the video in this thread?

    How long will this last, and can I say anything I want? Is it about creativity in writing? Or do you just have to write something to enter and you are chosen at random?
  10. Knight Rain

    Knight Rain :) Towns Folk

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    74 coins
    I didn't watch it during the direct, so i already knew it was going to be a ssb trailer because of all the talk around it. When i went to watch it again, i didn't really pay attention till the end scene when the logo came on. That was the only part that mattered and it was hypee :D
  11. Nessboy12

    Nessboy12 The Melee diehard. Sucks at smash 4 tho ;) Towns Folk

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    15 coins
    I was actually watching this direct live with my best friend. We were already freaking out about all the other games being announced like bowser's inside story and undertale. After the splatoon update announcement, and the last announcement was playing, I was so confused. After 30 seconds, my friend was shouting "I've only seen cutscenes this good in ONE place, and ONE place only!" I just kept shaking my head in disbelief. When we saw the smash ball in the inkling's eye, we freaking lost it. We were running around screaming "It's happening! It's f**king happening!" After we calmed down, I was low-key thinking about how this would affect the competitive scene. I was too hyped to get into all the nitty gritty stuff at that moment though.
  12. That_One_Nintendofan56

    That_One_Nintendofan56 Nintendo Fan Towns Folk

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    11 coins
    So my reactions exactly

    At first when I saw the trailer I thought it was Splatoon 1 remade so I was pretty disappointed as it was meant to be "the end all be all thing that they hyped up for the end of the direct" but, Then out of nowhere I saw the lights dim so I then thought it was a Splatoon movie I thought was cool but, I was still disappointed then when I least expected it BAM!!! Then I saw the fire and Smash ball in Inkling girls eyes, And I started screaming in my room at my laptop SMASH! SMASH HOLY CRAP SMASH! Like a maniac and literally threw my joy cons across the room and one of my pillows needless to say I was HYPED. Then I sat there thinking about the Inking's move set and how they would affect the meta game. I was to hyped to really thing hard and good about it though. When I heard about the direct and that the spotlight was on Mario tennis I thought originally it was just going to be a normal update direct you know maybe some spin offs of some 1rst party Nintendo franchises maybe a new Wario ware (which we did get which I will buy just because Wario ware games are really fun) And new info of the new Mario tennis game ect. ect. So when we got the first Crash bandicoot game on Nintendo consoles in 13 years and A new Mario & Luigi game remake I was HYPED for that as well and Smash was just icing on the cake definitely the best Nintendo direct ever!
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018 at 2:08 AM